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Law’s Futures 2022

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The questions are urgent and immediate. Their scale transcends the specifics of curricular reform, or economic issues, or licensure. The moment calls for our most imaginative takes, our most energetic and ambitious visions, and our willingness to step beyond our “ordinary,” “home” roles and to explore open-ended and even speculative ventures

The Law’s Futures roundtables build on the contributions to an online symposium on Legal Education’s Futures held at Prawfsblawg in March 2018. We hope to continue the productive conversations begun there with in-person gatherings and more.

The goal is to move those conversations forward, expanding and systematizing the questions and plotting the landscape of next steps. Beyond innovations and improvements in particular programs and in particular schools, what should legal education and the legal profession look like in the decades to come, and how can we move concretely from present conditions to implementation?

Dates and Schedule

Friday, October 14, 2022 (online) (all day)

Starting time: 8 am Eastern Time (that’s 12 noon GMT, 1 pm in London, 2 pm in Munich, 8 pm in Singapore, and 10 pm in Sydney).

Ending time: 2 pm Eastern Time (that’s 6 pm GMT, 7 pm London, 8 pm in Munich, 2 am (Saturday) in Singapore, and 4 am (Saturday) in Sydney).

This event has concluded.


Online here, via Zoom Events. Registration is required (participants who RSVP’d to Mike Madison are automatically registered.)

We anticipate organizing an in-person event in early 2023.



Click here to see a detailed agenda.

Attendance and Participation

Participation is by invitation. Law’s Futures aims to convene big picture, ambitious thinkers and practitioners from across the wide spectrum of experience in law and in adjacent areas: academia, the judiciary, practice, tech, investing, philanthropy, non-profit activism, and more. This is more than a convening of critics and scholars; it is a convening primarily of people who are convinced that it is time to act, and to act on a large scale as well as on numerous smaller ones.

For more information, contact Michael Madison at madison[at]

Participant List (accepted)

Click here to see a list of participants in Law’s Futures 2022.

Preparing for the Roundtable and What to Expect

Participants should expect a lively, free-flowing, ambitious day of conversations about re-imagining the fundamental structures of law, legal education, and higher education. There will be no keynotes, panels, or presentations. Imagine the productive “lobby” or “break time” conversations at a typical conference becoming the centerpiece of the event.

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