An initial set of projects emerged out of the “Law’s Futures” roundtable held at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California in September 2018.

Read about the inaugural Law’s Futures roundtable here.

Those projects are:

Beyond Law

Collecting, documenting, and advancing a set of best practices for institutional and disciplinary collaboration among law programs and other college and university-based academic programs, from engineering to business to public health to social work, and beyond.

Licensing Reconsidered

Exploring and advancing new and different roles for professional licensure.

New Foundations

Rebuilding the economic logic of legal education as part of a rebuilt legal services industry.

Law’s Futures

Institutionalizing deep reflection and experimentation on and in law via something akin to a “Xerox PARC,” “Skunk Works,” or “Bell Labs”-style semi-autonomous entity, which need not be linked to any specific law school, law faculty, or university.