2019 Roundtable on Law’s Futures

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (dinner) and Friday, September 27, 2019
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, Chicago, Illinois

This is the 2019 edition of an effort to imagine and implement a critical institution of law in the 21st century: legal education.  The inaugural roundtable was held at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California, in September 2018.

We believe that the time is right to ask and begin to answer foundational and fundamental questions of institutional design, and that our efforts may be important complements to related investigations by the ABA, AALS, and other well-formed professional organizations.

The Law’s Futures roundtables build on the contributions to an online symposium on Legal Education’s Futures held at Prawsblawg in March 2018. We hope to continue the productive conversations begun there with in-person gatherings. The goal is to move those conversations forward, in person, expanding and systematizing the questions and plotting the landscape of next steps. Beyond innovations and improvements in particular programs and in particular schools, what should legal education and the legal profession look like in the decades to come, and how can we move concretely from present conditions to implementation?

Dates and Schedule

Thursday 26 September 2019 (dinner), at 6 pm

Friday 27 September 2019, from 8 am (continental breakfast) to 3 pm

Attendance and Participation

Participation is by invitation.

For more information, contact Michael Madison at madison[at]pitt.edu

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